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I think he purposely make himself unattractve.

omg that’s so mean

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Do you think miley and Liam wil have a reunion in Australia seems they are both single and doesn't really want to be involve with anybody. I can feel that they still belong to each other.

i wonder if they will be in Australia at the same time 

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were you at bangerz tour ?

yes, i went to the show in Washington DC

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I want liam and miley back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im hopeless lol i should mind my own damn business! aha!

same here

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were the things about Tish, who they said in june, true?

it think they were

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Have you ever met Miley?

nope :(

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Is Miley still friend with Ashley Greene?


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Who do you ship Miley with?

But he needs the shave his face, he looks like a caveman now lol

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Will Miley make another movie?


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does anyone want to be my virtual sugardaddy and buy me things online for literally nothing in return???

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Mug shot goals 

Mug shot goals 

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