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planetcristy whispered:
looking at miley's ig, and speaking as someone who had major depression, i think she may be losin it. i can tell some of her photos and my photos are similar. like she literally doesnt give a shit about anything anymore, thats how i was. shes being crazy and wants attention. she wants/need help. she doesnt have liam, floyd died. she has no one. i would be like "fuck it" too. i pray that she finds some happiness somewhere

Agreed, i hope she really gets better before her tour starts up again, but thats only 10 days away.  

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Miley at the Australian Film Awards (2012)

Miley at the Australian Film Awards (2012)

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Driving past your school in the summer like

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Anonymous whispered:
I'm pretty sure Miley is in Alaska right now because my mom is staying at this resort in Alaska and she said that she seen Miley in line in front of her at the resort. She didn't get no pictures, but shes going to try to (i'm begging her). My mom knows how miley looks and talks. my mom would never lie about something like that. my mom also said that her voice sounded just like miley too and she had a weed backpack lol

what??? well if your mom gets a picture of her send it to me :)

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Anonymous whispered:
I think Luiz absolutely deserved to be called out by Miley! Miley was just defending her sister, I don't think she was rude. If anything, I think Munera is the rude one. Have you seen her tweets bashing people? In my mind, i don't think Munera ever deserved to be followed by Miley. Munera seems like a mean person. I hope charges are pressed against Munera from her hacking into their iClouds. How come Miley hasn't unfollowed Luiz even though he's been rude to Noah?

i personally don’t have a opinion on the situation so yeah.

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where is miley

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i’m surprised the bun didn’t fall out of her hair 

i’m surprised the bun didn’t fall out of her hair 

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If the Hannah Montana theme had updated video clips

i’m done did 

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I meant to say Luiz not Louis lol. Wasn't Luiz the one who was rude to Noah on twitter? Luiz was mentioned in munera's lengthy tumblr blog post.

yes, Luiz was the one the one that said something about Noah, Miley follows him on twitter and she seen what he said about her, so Miley called him out. Basically thats one of the reason why Munera wrote her long tumblr post. She thought it was rude that Miley called out Luis in the way she did. Munera is friends with Luis 

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