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Do u think the Europe leg will be cancelled as well?

Hopefully not

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Apparently when you have Steve Johnson's syndrome your skin start to burn 5 or 6 days after the first symptom like flu. Not everyone dying of this fortunatly but you can be blind or disabled. I really hope she doesn't have this too.

she don’t have it because in the pictures she’s posted she doesn’t have any blisters on her skin or anything

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Hello! Miley has got a Steve Johnson syndrome? Whaaat??

No, she doesn’t have it

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do you know what are the consequences of Steve Johnson's syndrome?

omg i really really really hope Miley doesn’t have that, i don’t think she does because in the pictures she posted of herself lately you don’t really see any blisters

basically Steve Johnson’s syndrome when you skin burns and blisters itself all over your body. Its extremely painful and it can be deadly although not everyone who gets it dies. 

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Miley needs to sing the Climb again. Her voice has improved so much in the past 4 years, it would sound so amazing 

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Remember when Miley dressed up like a strawberry on Wetten Dass

Remember when Miley dressed up like a strawberry on Wetten Dass

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I know you've got this question like a thousand times but can you please give me a link where I can find the merch? I mean where I can see it not buy it, I would really appreciate it, thanks❤️

Ok just to know the prices vary 

here a link to it

here are pictures of the buttons, key chain, and poster

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what app does miley use to add the gems to her pics?

Line Camera 

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Do you think that Liam visited Miley?

I don’t know, but he came back to LA 2 days ago so maybe

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Is Chicago really an added date? Because when I go to Miley's site, you can't click on anything to buy tickets.

Chicago is a newly added date but they haven’t started selling, same with Pittsburgh

I don’t know when they will start selling 

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