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howdy girl.. look at my page, then you gunna see the interview u wanted to see <3

thanks :) i seen it

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Get off tumblr please we don't want you

Who is “we”?  You and your 26 cats?

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youtube(.)com/watch?v=gbYj0mScNjI this is the link to that interview where miley is wearing that white jacket. i think you said you'd never seen it and wanted the link? its brandi whose interviewing her :)

thanks you :)

are you going to see Miley when she comes to Australia?

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/watch?v=gbYj0mScNjI here ya go

Thanks :)

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i miss rnb miley :(( i need more turnt up sonnnngs

i know the feeling, i have no good music to twerk to anymore 

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her face looks so cute, i don’t even know what to do

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i love bangerz and think as a whole it's her best album/era but take me along shits all over most of the tracks imo. i get pissed off when i listen to it though cause i still dg why it's called take me along and not take me with you or something she says in the song

yeah a lot of times songs are like that 

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Miley and Cheyne 

Miley and Cheyne 

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I really hope Miley get to write all of her songs for her next album to show how talented she is like she did in the Can't Be Tamed album , she written like 12 out of 16 from Bangerz

aggreed, but i like Bangerz a lot better than Can’t Be tamed

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Just wanted to say i love your blog!


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i hate how miley's hanging out with those two crackheads so much (Wayne and his wife). I heard that he's pretty much the reason why Miley's been doing acid and all these other drugs. 😒😒 I can tell she's really having a hard time tho 😔😔

yeah, i hope they are not joining her for the next part of the tour 

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